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Auto Attendant

Elevate your caller's journey from the first hello with our Auto Attendant service. Designed with customer experience at the forefront, our solution seamlessly guides your callers through an intuitive menu. Fully customized and recorded for your business, we’ll make every call an opportunity to strengthen your brand and boost sales.


First Impressions to Lasting Connections


Our Auto Attendant service isn't just about efficiently managing your calls; it's about transforming them into powerful touchpoints that reinforce your brand and drive sales. With custom recordings crafted by our nationally recognized studio vocal artists, your business will not only sound professional but also uniquely you. These crafted greetings and on-hold commercials are your secret weapon, turning wait times into captivating brand experiences.  


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Our team of CX, marketing, and telecom professionals will architect a system perfectly tailored to your business.  
With the customer at center of every interaction, we deliver easy, intuitive, customer-impressing experiences. 
With some of the best voiceover artists in the world on our team, you’ll be blown away by how incredible you sound. 
A hands-off experience for you, our team will implement every aspect of your new attendant system. 

Introducing an auto attendant can deliver tangible benefits for your business.



Reduction in missed calls



Increase call routing efficiency



Increase in conversion rates from inquiries to sales



Increase in customer retention with on-hold commercials


Here, you’ll find quick and clear answers to some common inquiries about our services. If your question isn’t covered here, don't hesitate to visit our Contact Page. Our team is always ready to assist you with any additional queries.

  • What does an auto attendant do?

      It is a interactive system that that answers the phone and greets callers with a prerecorded announcement, directing them to press a number on their phone to reach certain extensions. For example, “Press 1 for Sales. Press 2 for Customer Service.” Most large businesses use an auto attendant, as it both projects brand strength, and is highly efficient for managing front line call flow. We custom design the whole experience for your business, with the same goals in mind. 

  • What makes your auto attendant service different from typical systems?

      It’s our team and what we deliver. You see, we’re not just a telecom services company. We’re also CX (customer experience), marketing, and sales professionals. We’re creative designers, script writers, and nationally recognized VoiceOver artists. We all work together to custom-architect an intuitive, customer-pleasing, brand-elevating phone experience for your business. Simply put, we’re the company you call when you are ready to optimize your phones just like your other marketing efforts.

  • How “white glove” is the service?

      When we say white glove, we mean it. We’ll need to conference with you to learn more about your business, customers, and goals of course. But our team will take it from there. We’ll architect the ultimate experience for your callers. You won’t have to lift a finger except to dial in and check our progress.

  • How can an auto attendant improve sales rates compared to direct phone answering?

      First, it ensures that every call is answered promptly, eliminating wait times and reducing hangups. Callers also reach the appropriate departments or individuals quickly and directly, without frustration or misdirected calls. Our system will further help reinforce your brand strength with callers, and can even upsell products or services with targeted messages and on-hold commercials. This should all work together to boost your sales efforts.

  • How do you ensure the clarity and quality of the VoiceOver recordings?

      Our team of vocal artists includes some of the most accomplished individuals in the field. All recordings are professional studio quality. We always guarantee our work, and are confident you’ll be exceedingly happy with what we deliver. 

  • Can your auto attendant integrate with our existing phone system?

      In most cases, yes. It can be as simple as forwarding callers to a dedicated number that is answered by your new auto attendant. From there, you can utilize all standard features such as hunt groups, call queuing, voicemail, and direct extension (phone number) transfers. For more advanced functionality we also offer our attendant as part of a feature-rich cloud-based VOIP (Voice Over IP) solution. Ask your representative for more details about which option is right for you.    

  • Does the service help with nuisance or solicitation calls?

      Yes, a great deal. In most cases, phone solicitations (“spam” calls) originate with an auto-dialer or “robo-caller” that cannot navigate an auto attendant menu. As such, most of these calls will never make it to your staff.