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Unlock the full power of your phones with our Call Answering service. Our professional agents are on standby to handle your incoming calls, ensuring you capture every lead and opportunity, day or night. Experience the peace of mind from knowing that no call goes unanswered.


Some answering services take messages


Envision your phone transformed into a relentless lead-generating powerhouse, all without you handling a single call. That can be your reality with our Call Answering service. Our live agents aren't just voices on the line; they're first line sales experts, adept at capturing high-quality leads or booking customer appointments directly into your calendar. Let the expertise of our team be your company’s competitive advantage.



Our professional live agents are highly trained so they can act as a true extension of your business. 
Our call centers are always open. You never have to worry about missed calls; late nights, weekends, or holidays. 
Book more business. Expect a heavy increase in lead capture when our trained specialists handle your calls.
Our agents will book customer appointments for you in real time, using your preferred calendar software.

Missing customer calls or failing to capture interested leads is a sure way to lose revenue! 



Of callers sent to voicemail won’t leave a message



Will look for another business if you don’t answer



Of small biz calls do go unanswered, on average

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Of callers will talk to your business if a live person answers


Here, you’ll find quick and clear answers to some common inquiries about our services. If your question isn’t covered here, don't hesitate to visit our Contact Page. Our team is always ready to assist you with any additional queries.

  • What are the hours of availability for the phone answering service?

      Our call centers operations are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including all holidays. You never have to worry about us being closed when you need us.

  • How does the service work?

      We’ll provide you a dedicated phone number exclusive for your business, which connects directly to our call center. You can forward calls there from your current number, or use it as your primary business contact. Either way, you choose to have us answer all of your calls, or just provide coverage when you need us. You can also port your number to us from your current provider. This also opens up other potential capabilities such as on-hold commercials, custom automated attendant, and intraoffice call routing. 

  • Are there any long-term contracts?

      No. We bill monthly and you can cancel at any time. It is our aim to build a long-term relationship by always delivering what we promise, and aligning our success with yours.

  • Where is based?

      We are an independently-owned business located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our primary call centers are also located in the United States, though we do have agents internationally as well. There are advantages to each of our call centers in terms of industry experience, individual services, and pricing. You can decide with your representative which is best suited for your business.

  • What type of training do your phone agents undergo?

      All of our agents receive general training in customer service and sales, and individualized training about our clients’ businesses. We regularly review, reevaluate, and reinforce “closing” techniques as well, to maximize leads captured and appointments scheduled. We have a steeper training curve than most call centers, but only because we expect our team to deliver a band-elevating experience each and every time.

  • What is the average wait time for callers before they are connected to an agent?

      Every second counts when it comes to customer calls. It is our aim to make sure a live agent answers all calls for your business by the second or third ring.

  • How are emergency calls or high-priority issues handled by your agents?

      We can handle calls differently depending on your instructions and the needs of your business. For example, if you take emergency service calls after normal business hours, we can direct such inquiries to separate contacts within your organization so they can be addressed with urgency.